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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 20, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the debate last night, a complete recap coming up in two minutes when morning ons to -- mornings on 2 starts now. good morning and thank you for joining us on this thursday, thursday, october 20, and diane pam cook. i am dave clark, and we have a developing story happening in san francisco.>> in firefighters on the scene, take a look at this video, it started just after midnight on hattie street just a few blocks from the castro theater. the firefighters upgraded the fire to a four alarm just before 1 am, and three firefighters have been hurt by her the fire -- hurt by the fire, and this is a residential building in the castro
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district, and we will continue to update you. it is 4:01 am. checking the weather on this thursday morning, and there are also roads affected due to the fire. >> all of the road closures have been cleared, for market street anyway, there is plenty of equipment in the area at market and hattie street. here is the indicator where it is, in this area right here. if you need to give yourself some extra time, driving through that area, but avoid the area if you don't have to be there. even though the streets are cleared, and not affecting the streetcars, you will see plenty of fire equipment and personnel in the area of hattie street near market due to the fire.
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taking a look at the commute, doing okay, looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, off to a nice start, nothing unusual getting into san francisco. let's talk about the weather. >> a very good morning with fog screaming down the coast, but off the coast for another day, today the warmest day, clear and things are changing. 40s and 50s this morning, a little cooler out there, north bay temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s, mill valley at 49, petaluma 53, and the fog not making much of a factor,
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but it will affect the weather tomorrow. there is a lot going on out here and we will talk more about that in about 10 minutes. today we are sunny, upper 70s and low 80s. it is 4:03 am. the reaction is pouring in after the third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump, attacking each other on a variety of topics including the abortion, supreme court and trade. we have a wrap from the last night action in las vegas. >> reporter: the final presidential debate hitting hard on the issues, focusing on the most important differences between trump and clinton. >> i will tell you at the time and keep you in suspense. >> reporter: donald trump refuses to say whether he will concede if he loses the election. >> he wants to blame somebody else for his campaign.>>
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reporter: the clinton campaign says they are just -- trump campaign says they are trying to prevent voter fraud.>> reporter: trump going after the clinton foundation for taking money from countries with questionable humanity track records. >> i would be happy to compare what we have done that takes money from other people and putting up a 6 foot portrait for donald trump, who does that.>> if he is unburdening himself of things that are not helpful for him in the general election. >> reporter: but the analysts say that the trump efforts may not have been enough to sway the voters were >> this is the home stretch. >> reporter: the candidates have less than three weeks before election day. we will have analysts on
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the air with us throughout the morning on mornings on 2, and in the meantime, hillary clinton and donald trump will be in the same room again tonight at eight fundraising dinner, and they will crack a few jokes, and the gala is expected to raise $5 million. the san jose police are investigating a three-car crash last night that killed one person and sent three to the hospital, and officers received a call around 7:30 pm about a major injury traffic collision at summerside drive near interstate 101. when the officers arrived, they discovered all of the cars severely damaged, and one unidentified woman has been pronounced dead at the scene. the other victims were taken to the local hospitals with non- life-threatening injuries, and they are investigating the circumstances of the crash.
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san jose police looking for information about a shooting that happened around 9:00 last night, called to the regional medical center by someone at the hospital, witnesses say that the shooting victim was dropped off, and the person died a short time later. the police are not releasing any other information about the victim until relatives are notified, and they have no suspects, motive or even the location where the shooting occurred, and anyone with information is asked to call the san jose police. new concerns about the next big earthquake in the bay area, the hayward fault is being joined by second fault that could trigger a bigger quake than the loma prieta quake.>> reporter: it has been 27's -- 27 years since the loma prieta
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quake caused billions of dollars of damage, killing many people, and now the focus has shifted to the hayward fault and the rodgers creek all. the research shows close ties between the two faults. >> we have discovered a new fault strand that looks like it connects directly with the rodgers creek all -- fault.>> reporter: this means the magnitude could be greater. >> it could produce a 7.2 or 7.4 earthquake.>> reporter: it could have seven times the energy from the loma prieta quake in 1989. >> this is where many utility and transportation lines cross the fault, so it would be much
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more severe.>> reporter: they are checking the pattern to determine when a major quake could strike. >> the average repeat time is about 160 years between the quakes, and the last five earthquakes, the repeat time was 140 years. the last major earthquake on the hayward fault was about 148 years ago.>> reporter: that means the bay area is due for another earthquake of that size.>> to see the entire quake study go to under web links. millions of people and ktvu taking part in the great california shakeup.>> this is an earthquake drill, drop, cover and hold on. during a large earthquake, the
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ground could shake strongly and knock you down. >> the earthquake drill started in 2008 to get us prepared, growing to more than 10 million participants around the state, and the idea is to drop, cover up and hold on exactly at 1028 cover up and hold on exactly at 10:28 pm. the sheriff's office in northern california mourning the loss of the deputy killed in the line of duty, shot and killed yesterday morning dealt -- near all terrorists, jack hopkins was responding to the disturbance call, and unclear what led up to the shooting but the suspect is in custody, and deputy hopkins is the fourth officer to die in the line of duty in the past two weeks. a her word man has been arrested on suspicion of stabbing his mother to death inside their home, patricia
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carpenter found dead in her home after neighbors complained about a foul odor. she was stabbed multiple times, and authorities believe her son thomas called 911 on september 28, and they checked inside the home, and deputy say that no one answered the door and nothing unusual outside of the home, and thomas was arrested in the state of washington, awaiting extradition back to the bay area to face murder charges. the owner mark davis committed to making a deal to move the team to las vegas, making his first presentation in houston to get the owners an update on the $1.9 billion stadium near the vegas strip. the governor of nevada signed a bill raising the hotel tax to help pay for the new stadium.>> it is unfair for people to keep bringing up what if oakland
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does this or that, las vegas is already done what they are supposed to do, and we just have to present it to the national football league and get the approval to move. >> mark davis says he does not have a timetable, and 24 of the 32 owners must vote to approve it. the oakland mayor releases a statement saying that the city of oakland will not be thrown off of their game by what is happening in nevada, and while i am focused on keeping the raiders i will not get in a getting more with nevada to get the funds. it is for 11 am, and there are new legal problems for samsung, the bay area law firm suing the korean company that the focus this time is not on the galaxy note 7.
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suspects that shot students at a high school and what we are learning about the intended target. a commute that is still doing very well and most areas, including highway 4. the skies are clear and the fog is racing down the coast, and we take a look at the temperatures, the warmest day.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:14 am. they have identified for suspects were the students were shot, and they expect to have all of the suspects in custody within the next couple of days, the shooting happened in the parking lot of the june jordan high school, for teenagers -- or mac teenagers were injured, and one girl that was shot in the head is an honor student, and has never been in any kind of trouble. >> it is shocking, and you send your child to get an education, and you send them to what you think is a safe environment. >> three 315-year-old boys were among the shooting victims and security has been tightened at the school, and one of the boys was the intended target, recently transferring from lincoln high, and the shooting is gang related. this sunday marks one year since a san jose
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woman was killed, her boyfriend accused of the killing, and her parents are raising awareness about the domestic violence in hopes of saving others. >> she was just one of the most incredible people i had ever met, and we were really close.>> diane longs for the day she could hug and kiss her 27-year-old daughter again, volunteering at the second harvest food bank at the santa clara valley medical center, about the tart -- about to start nursing school and suddenly taken away. >> i know she is in heaven, but i miss her. i grieve and cry because i love her.>> reporter: found dead in a downtown san jose condo, and they arrested her ex-boyfriend for the murder, you go castro,
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and he turned himself in at the santa clara county jail, and the deputy told him to go to the san jose police department, but what they find more troubling, he had spent three years in jail prior to abusing cassondra and they did not know about it.>> why did we not know, there is a make and slits for sexual predators, but people that tried to kill their intimate partner, we don't know about that?>> reporter: tourney degrees into something positive, shining the light on perpetrators of domestic violence, and one goal is to work with legislators to create a registry. >> there are no politics involved, common sense.>> reporter: they know it will take time to create the law, but they want to spark awareness. >> her name, defender of
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mankind, she would be all over this.>> on saturday, her parents will launch a nonprofit at the memorial celebration for her life, set to take place at the gateway church in san jose. it is 4:18 am. we are watching this early morning commute. >> no major problems right now, starting off with a decent commute, and looking at the gilroy in san jose drive, driving through morgan hill not a big effort. northbound 101 looking good into the valley, no major problems of to the west valley where most people are heading in the morning. no delays, and looking at the live pictures, 880 north and southbound, a nice-looking drive. traffic looking good into the
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maccarthur maze. i like commute at the westbound bay bridge into san francisco, no trouble into the city. what is today's weather going to be like, and we have a meteorologist to tell us. >> sunny and warm. we do have clear skies, and i say, where is that fog, off the coast did not affecting us today, sunshine with warm temperatures near 80, the warmest day by far. there is a lot going on with this onshore breeze and the coast will be fabulous again today, santa cruz mountains, looking good today along with the coast, southern california baking. and from santa barbara to la, not as pronounced around la, but enough that they have red flag warning, so in the 90s in southern california.
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too much resistance for the fog today, 40s and 50s on the temperatures, half moon bay at 48, 49 in palo alto, danville at 46, upper 40s for san ramon, dublin and pleasanton. lafayette at 50 and 52 in brentwood. low clouds and fog raring to go tomorrow. this will be the warmest day with that ridge of high pressure breaking down of the weekend bringing in clouds and cooler temperatures, but the timing of the rain is all over the place, sunday night into tuesday. we do know that today will be the warmest day, upper 70s and 80 on the interior, cooling down tomorrow and cooler on the weekend with increasing clouds. there is a lot of cold air, and it looks like this is going to be early next week. after tuesday or wednesday it is a mismatch. if you work outside, don't change anything yet.
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one system bringing it in on monday, and that appears to be the consensus, but not by a lot. it will lift out by tuesday, and if it does make it, certainly something on the north coast, decent amounts, but from santa rosa north pretty good but not much to the south. upper 70s and low 80s for some, a beautiful day. chilly morning and sunny and warmer conditions with fog returning friday, cooling down rapidly going into the weekend.>> so we don't need to change any fans -- plans yet. >> not yet. >> when the sun goes down the temperature drops quickly. it is 4:21 am. the end to the hidden airline fees, coming up, the reason the government is saying it's time to make sure you know
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the cost of flying before you buy a ticket. taking technology to a new level, new features being installed in the cars and why there is a catch.
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share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. welcome back to mornings on 2, 4:24 am. looking for the feedback on the proposed regulation for the driverless cars, they hear from the transportation, technology and legal experts, state and
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federal governments have released draft guidelines, but there is concern with automakers that there may be too much confusion on who will regulate what.>> how do we set the right conditions to allow vehicles operate on public streets and roads without a driver behind the wheel? that is a new concept, and no safety on that. >> 18 carmakers in california are testing more than 100 self- driving cars, and the dmv will finalize regulations in the next few months, and carmakers say will be 3 to 5 years before they will be ready to sell the fully autonomy is cars. all of the new cars will have self driving technology, including eight cameras in the car, 360 degrees of sonar, four times the computing power, but tesla says what all the --
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while all of the new cars had the technology, the system will not be turned on until it goes through more tests.>> we will make sure that what we do is in line. >> they say the system has been tested for one year, and he hopes to have a demo drive from la to new york next year, and the self driving technology will raise the price of the tesla by about $8000. cracking down on people that have multiple listings on the short-term rental site, and they will automatically prevent hose in san francisco from listing multiple units. the san francisco homeowners are only legally allowed to rent the property day live-in to visitors, and air bnb has already removed more than 700 listings. the city of san francisco is looking at restricting the short-term rentals to mold --
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no more than 60 days a year. hitting t-mobile with a $48 million fine for slowing down data speeds, and they have policy to slow it down when heavy users hit a certain threshold, but they did not make it clear to the customers that their unlimited data plan had limits, and they began exposing the limits in june of last year, and now posting in small print on the website that customers using more than 26 gb a month could experience slower speeds. did you watch the debate last night? >> idea. >> -- i did.>> they were personal attacks. >> there was a time he did not even get the program for three years in a row. >> the showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. more than one samsung phone could be plagued with exploding
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batteries, and one man is suing the phone maker. we are seeing this is not a bad commute as we look at the san francisco, looking good at northbound 101. the weather looking pretty good, warming yesterday and continuing with that thing today. 84 in santa rosa, 81 in san jose.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, october 20, and i am dave clark. i am pam cook, and welcome back. we have clear skies, and the fog is trying to work its way down the coast, but not a factor today. it's pretty quiet out


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